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Cindy Martin

We live in a society where so many people suffer from health issues directly related to the foods they eat.

I personally had to go on a very strict diet plan for health reasons.  Finding the correct food that was tasty, delicious, and acceptable became very frustrating and costly. 

On this journey I found that the Organic option was the best for me, and it alleviated many underlying health problems.

I started CM Distribution to share what I had learnt with others. I came across various suppliers that grow and produce simple and cost effective, tasty holistic options, that can add variation and spice not to mention aesthetics to any plate. 

I am based in Pretoria Gauteng but my Suppliers are spread over the Country. I am committed to sourcing top quality products and will ensure that all my products are available. 

 I have products available for tasting and will gladly meet to introduce my product range to you.  Building a sustainable, mutually rewarding, business relationship with all my customers is important to me.

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